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CP-Pack (Oilfield Prepack Well Screen)

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Prepack Well Screens have been used for over 30 years for sand control in Oil wells. Originally used in horizontal wells where gravel packing technology could not place gravel in the horizontal orientation, the prepack screen was the only means to place the sand controlling gravel pack in the well formation. CP-Pack uses two concentric wire wrap screens with the gravel pack contained within the annulus.

Today, CP-Pack can be used in both Gravel Pack and Stand Alone Screen (direct retention) applications. Used in Gravel Pack completion, CP-Pack provides additional insurance against an incomplete gravel pack and also a very high erosion resistant screen.

CP-Pack uses a Ceramic proppant (although resin coated sand is available upon request) which has three standard size ratings -: 12/18, 16/20 and 20/40. Ceramic proppant has higher permeability due to its rounder, more spherical shape compared to that of resin coated sands. This provides CP-Pack with a lower reduction in well impairment (Skin) compared to conventional Prepack Screens.

CP-Pack Features

_   Every Wire and Rod intersection is welded with consistent weld integrity
_   Ceramic Proppant with higher permeability
_   Rigorous Quality Control Inspection, 100% insurance against pack voids.
_   NACE Compliant for corrosion resistance
_   Recessed Weld Rings for run-in damage protection
_   Small product OD
_   Options for end and mid joint centeralisers (Spiroliser type or blade)
_   Options for Base Pipe Perforation open area.
_   Different Metallurgy of Base Pipe available.

Prepack Well Screen Cross Section View

CP-Pack Design

Standard Construction
Base Pipe Diameter Base Pipe Weight Hole diameter No. Holes per foot Screen OD Product Weight
2⅜” 4.6 ppf ⅜” 24 3.22” 8.7 ppf
2⅞” 6.4 ppf ⅜” 36 3.85” 11.1 ppf
3½” 9.2 ppf ½” 36 4.35” 14.3 ppf
4” 9.5 ppf ½” 48 4.85” 15.8 ppf
4½” 11.6 ppf ½” 48 5.35” 18.6 ppf
5” 15 ppf ½” 60 5.86” 22.9 ppf
5½” 17 ppf ½” 72 6.36” 26.0 ppf
6⅝” 24 pff ½” 96 7.48” 34.5 ppf
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