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CP-Wrap (Wire Wrap Well Screen)

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Wire Wrap Well Screens have been used for over 60 years for sand control in Oil wells and are still commonly used today. CP-Wrap can be used in both Gravel Pack and Stand Alone Screen (direct retention) applications.

With gravel pack applications, the Wire Wrap Screen is commonly used in cased hole gravel packs to retain the pumped gravel. For high rate water packs (HWRP) and Frac Pack applications a more robust version of CP-Wrap incorporating a heavy duty wire is available.

For Stand Alone Screen (Direct Retention) applications, the screen is designed to retain the formation sand and maintain an open well bore. With good Particle Size Distribution (PSD) data and the addition of laboratory testing for optimising slot selection, CP-Wrap can be used for uniform sand formations (D40/D50 ≤ 2.5) with a D50 greater than 125µm. (Dependent on additional well information).

CP-Wrap Features

_   Every Wire and Rod intersection is welded with consistent weld integrity
_   Tight slot control for improved sand retention
_   Rigorous Quality Control Inspection
_   NACE Compliant for corrosion resistance
_   Recessed Weld Rings for run-in damage protection
_   Alternate profile wire options for increased flow area and heavy duty applications (HRWP and Frac Pack).
_   Options for end and mid joint centeralisers (Spiroliser type or blade)
_   Options for Base Pipe Perforation open area.
_   Different Metallurgy of Base Pipe available.

Wrap Well Screen Cross Section View

CP-Wrap Design

Standard Construction
Base Pipe Diameter Base Pipe Weight Hole diameter No. Holes per foot Screen OD Product Weight
2⅜” 4.6 ppf ⅜” 24 2.72” 6.0 ppf
2⅞” 6.4 ppf ⅜” 36 3.22” 8.0 ppf
3½” 9.2 ppf ½” 36 3.85” 11.1 ppf
4” 9.5 ppf ½” 48 4.35” 11.7 ppf
4½” 11.6 ppf ½” 48 4.85” 14.0 ppf
5” 15 ppf ½” 60 5.35” 17.7 ppf
5½” 17 ppf ½” 72 5.86” 20.0 ppf
6⅝” 24 pff ½” 96 6.99” 27.5 ppf
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