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At CP Screens we take pride in intimately conforming and continuously improving our Quality Management System (QMS) which ultimately provides our customers with high quality products, service and sense of satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal, the effective implementations of our Quality Policy and Objectives are of the highest priority for all our employees.

Quality Policy

CP Screens Pte Ltd has developed with the objective to specialise in the design and manufacture of profile wire screen products used in an array of industries and is highly committed to supplying high quality products.

Satisfying our customer’s needs and to provide value that far exceeds expectations forms the foundation of the success of this organisation and of our customers. Customer satisfaction is accomplished by the following:

_   The ownership and high performance of all our employees.
_   Reaching a consensus on the requirements from our customers and suppliers.
_   Conforming to our customer requirements by closely defining, executing and      managing all our processes with the aim of manufacturing defect-free products.
_   Continuous improvement of our Quality Management System to adjust to the forever      changing needs of the market.
_   Committed to the development and implementation of the latest technology to afford      improved product quality and value to our customers
_   Developing and training all our employees using the best practices and tools      available while ensuring a safe, clean and enjoyable working environment.

Quality Objectives

To support the Quality Policy, CP Screens Management has identified the following Quality Objectives.

_   To ensure that company activities comply with the Quality Manual and Quality Plan.
_   To ensure customer’s expectations are satisfied.
_   To run an effective operation that can continually improve its effectiveness.

These objectives will be measured with a set of supporting performance indicators relevant to the key functions.

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