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Statistical Process Control

The normal distribution curve pictured is the most widely used family of distributions in the study of statistics, and the measurement of screen slot openings is no exception.

Our unique in-house optical measurement system allows us to provide a statistical analysis report that underlines the measured mean, minimum and maximum slot openings in a single batch. As an example, we are consistently manufacturing screens with a standard deviation of between 9 to 12 microns which surpasses other well established screen manufacturers in the world.

In short, we shall guarantee a high quality screen. Thus depending on the number of standard deviations from the mean slot opening (ยต), the population of measured slot openings will have a range as follows:

_   +1σ to -1σ = 68% (of all slot openings)
_   +2σ to -2σ = 95% (of all slot openings)
_   +3σ to -3σ = 99% (of all slot openings)

So with this guarantee on quality, why not try one of our fine slot screens today.

Statistical Process Control Graph
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