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Resin Trap Screen

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Predominantly used in water treatment processes namely in ‘Ion Exchange’ and other numerous media filter systems, CP Screens offers a Resin Trap Screen with the option for the pipe housing. This screen system is primarily used as a safety device and is positioned immediately after the outlet nozzle of the vessel.

The flanged Profile Wire Screen element included with the main housing as depicted below eliminates the migration and loss of expensive resin/media, whilst at the same time protecting your pumping equipment. A combination of different Profile Wire sizes and slot openings can be used depending on your circumstance. CP Screens will also determine the effective screen open area in order to improve upon efficiency and minimise the pressure drop.

Resin Trap Screen

In the event that there is resin/media build up within the Resin Trap Screen assembly, the pressure drop will increase and if one is installed, the trapped resin/media will be visible through the ‘sight glass’.

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