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Sand Control Screens (Oil & Gas Industry)

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From the inception of the company, CP Screens has been designing and manufacturing Downhole Sand Control Screens for the Oil and Gas industry. CP Screens has a broad product offering for Direct Sand Retention and Gravel Pack Screens for Cased Hole, Open Hole and Remedial Sand Control Applications including Wire Wrap Screens and Prepack Screens.

Our Wire Wrap Screens (CP-Wrap) range in size from 2-⅜” to 7” diameter and have excellent slot control confirmed via our optical measurement system with a standard deviation less than 15µm. These screens are used in direct retention for relatively uniform reservoir sands in open hole applications or in gravel pack completions in an open or cased hole.

Our Prepack Screens (CP-Pack) range in size from 2-⅜” to 7” diameter using a ceramic proppant which provides increased permeability resulting from its spherical uniformity compared to resin coated sands (also available). Our manufacturing process and Quality Control ensures the annulus is free from voids providing 100% sand control integrity. Traditionally used in long open hole horizontals and cased holes which are difficult to obtain complete packs, CP-Pack provides the additional insurance of sand control integrity beyond the gravel pack process.

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