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Screen Nozzle

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Frequently used in water treatment processes such as in ‘Ion Exchange’, CP Screens offers the Screen Nozzle. These screens are used in large quantities and positioned evenly over a circular nozzle plate located at the bottom of a vessel. The Screen Nozzle will both retain resin/media and uniformly collect and distribute process flow. Sizing, spacing and quantity of Screen Nozzles are critical in ensuring high efficiency and a resulting low pressure drop. The slot size of Screen Nozzles and other types of Profile Wire Screens in the ‘Ion Exchange’ process is commonly 0.2 mm.

CP Screens provides the Screen Nozzle with either a tapered threaded connection to screw directly into the nozzle plate, or with a parallel thread to allow the Screen Nozzle to be fixed to the nozzle plate via lock nuts. Whether you are using a plain bottom plate or a rubber-lined bottom plate, CP Screens will have the right solution for fixing the Screens Nozzle for you.

Screen Nozzle
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