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Sieve Bend Screen & 120 Deg DSM Screen

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Sieve Bend ScreenCP Screens offer the Sieve Bend Screen that is curved in profile and operates more effectively than Flat Screen Panels in the same application, that is, for dewatering and solid to liquid separation. The adjacent Profile Wires are position perpendicular to the process flow and thus enable its leading edge to ‘cut’ the flow and collect the process liquid and smaller solid particles. The much larger particles will run down the screen and are collected as a consequence.

The Sieve Bend Screen is commonly used in food processing and corn wet milling plants. In the corn wet milling process, CP Screens precisely manufactures the 120 Degree DSM Screen which is simple in shape, just like the common Sieve Bend Screen, however its very fine slot openings commonly 75 and 100 µm, are very critical.

The horizontal orientated profile wires enable the screen to effectively thicken pulp or separate fibres to a fine degree. The process flow is introduced to the DSM screen via high-pressure nozzles, which distributes the flow tangentially over the entire width of the screen. The DSM screen will then proceed to ‘slice’ thin layers of water with the accompanying fine particles, ultimately the filtrate media. This action results from the sharp upper edge on the profile wires. Through our accurate and precise optical measurement system, we can provide you with a Statistical Analysis report that underlines the mean, maximum & minimum, standard deviation and measured slot openings in a single batch.

120 DEg DSM Screen
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