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Support Grid

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CP Screens offers the Support Grid which is a versatile circular flat screen that is used to retain and support your expensive catalyst/media. Whilst retaining and supporting the catalyst/media bed through the Profile Wire technology, it also allows for the collection of process flow in either the upflow or downflow direction.

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The Support Grid is commonly used in axial flow processes including Hydrotreating, Hydrodesulphurisation, Unionfining, Gas Driers, Hydrocracking, Alkylation and Sand Filters just to name a few.

Support GridCP Screens designs and manufactures a wide range of different types of Support Grid construction depending on the severity of the design conditions. Support Grids can range from a simple screen only construction for lighter design loads to more complex designs using side-by-side support bars that suit other supporting structures such as integral support beams for much higher loading applications. We have experience in the design and manufacture of small to very large-sized Support Grids. There also exists Support Grids which need to be designed to allow the ingression of catalyst dump tubes and the hanging of quench distributor pipes from underneath, all of which CP Screens has experience with.

Support Grids are also commonly used in-conjunction with other Profile Wire Screen Internals such as Outlet Collectors and Distributor Baskets (also known as Scale Traps) all of which can be supplied by CP Screens.

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