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Water Well Screens (Water Process & Treatment)

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From the extraction of groundwater to the treatment of wastewater, CP Screens has a Wedge Wire Screen (Profile Wire Screen) that will fit the role. Our water well screens are made from robust designs that can cater for varying depths and gravel formation types. Given our flexible working culture and stock material, we can provide fast turnarounds of water well screens. Simply fill in the water well screen datasheet and we will get back to you promptly with our offer.

CP Screens also offers primary screening equipment in rivers, lakes, ponds and other water bodies. For instance, Wedge Wire Screens have been commonly used to provide coarse-filtered water to food processing, desalination, petrochemical and refining plants. One of our primary screens includes the Passive Intake Screen, which employs a controlled slot opening velocity that will not be harmful to the surrounding flora and fauna. It also has the added value of being more economical than other mechanical-type screens that contain moving parts and significant civil works.

For the treatment of process water such as in ‘Ion Exchange’ and in the process of removing organic matter, CP Screens offers products including Header-Laterals Systems, Nozzles, Support Grids and Resin Traps. Again we size our Wedge Wire Screens to recommended through-pipe and slot opening velocities to ensure higher efficiency and lower pressure drop. Sizing of the slot size is also critical to ensure that there is no media leakage. In any event, CP Screens recommends using a Resin Trap Screen positioned after the vessel/tank outlet nozzle to act as a ‘safeguard’ for your expensive media.

Each of our Wedge Wire Screens is carefully designed from the specified design conditions including the volumetric flow rate, allowable pressure drop through the screen, media to be retained or filtered and minimum open area to list a few. Therefore it is very important to work closely with CP Screens during the design and engineering stage to ensure that all screen characteristics are accommodated.

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